Multifamily Memo Podcast: Drew Kile & Joey Tumminello – Texas Investing (Part 2)

April 24, 2020

Today we speak to two experts of the impressive Dallas/Ft. Worth market: Drew Kile and Joey Tumminello, from the Dallas/Ft Worth IPA Texas Team. They have facilitated several billion in sales transactions for institutional and high net worth investor clients.

Adding residents three times faster than the nation and sporting the largest multifamily pipeline in the U.S., Dallas-Fort Worth remains one of the country’s most dynamic yet stable rental markets. Despite the addition of an eye-popping, 45,000 apartments since the beginning of 2018, the Dallas-Fort Worth’s occupancy rate in stabilized assets has dropped just 10 basis points over 12 months to approximately 94%.

In this episode, Drew and Joey give a deep look into the Dallas market and explain how some stock market investment principles also apply to real estate. Its about consistently buying the best deals in the market, and avoiding the temptation to paint all submarkets with a broad stroke. It why real estate is a local game.

A service announcement, this episode was recorded the coronavirus crisis. We all know that is changing much about the world, but Texas has its own way of adjusting and the market information in this episode is probably more relevant now….so…Let’s take a dive into the rapidly growing and diverse Dallas/Ft. Worth Multifamily Market…


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